Our surgeons are well-versed in the most cutting-edge surgical

care and medical. We believe you will find all of our doctors to

be astute and diligent clinicians.


We feel strongly that there is a place for individualized services

where caring for patients also means caring about them. It

seems to us that many doctors in the Valley have realized that

there is value to a more personal approach to eye care. This

allows patients to feel "at home" even when visiting a

sub-specialist practicing within the challenges of today's

healthcare environment.


We accept the vast majority of insurance plans including

Medicare and AHCCCS. Furthermore, we are always

available for emergencies all days of the week and

around the clock.


We will strive to provide easy and efficient scheduling. Our

goal is to provide pleasant and professional care for your

patients. We will always respect our patients' time while

providing effective and meticulous examinations. We strive

to build genuine relationships with our patient's and treat

them like we would want our family treated.


Our fully electronic practice was designed with maximum

quality and patient safety in mind. We organize all patient

interactions in a system that enhances the exchange of vital

information between us, carriers and referring doctors.

We believe this is just another step to help create the best

patient experience that we can.


Our objective is to enhance care and to improve your

experience of interacting with your retina specialist's office

by communicating closely and reliably

Anita Schadlu, M.D.
Vitreoretinal Surgeon
Ramin Schadlu, M.D.
Vitreoretinal Surgeon
Shabari Seetharam, M.D.
Medical Retina